Who is Baleno®

Baleno® has been protecting countryside enthusiasts in the most demanding environments for over fifty years. The brand is renowned for its ability to deliver technically advanced, stylish clothing specifically designed to tackle all weather conditions. Effortlessly sophisticated and smart, warm and made to last, Baleno® successfully fuses technology with classic country fashion. Baleno® is able to draw upon its extensive heritage and expertise in developing innovative, state of the art fabrics and designs stringently tried and tested to guarantee superior performance. The company's unrivalled in-house quality control procedures guarantee that all products bearing the Baleno® brand represent the ultimate best in class.

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The Country Lifestyle range has been developed to meet the discerning needs of a variety of country pursuits, offering designs that demonstrate an empathy for classic British Heritage, combined with practical elegance and comfort.

The Baleno Shooting range is synonymous with quality, innovation and style and is designed to meet the harsh demands of 'the hunter'.

Finally, Baleno® offers a wide selection of Rainwear products, from the basic Nylide quality range, via patented Flexothane® products through to the high-tech garments from Siopor® range.

Baleno® is part of Sioen Apparel and as such, can draw on more than 50 years' experience in the production of technical clothing. The company has had its headquarters in Belgium since 1960.

Sioen Apparel specialises in high quality clothing, professional protective clothing and private label recreational clothing. Sioen Apparel is European market leader in its industry sector, with a presence in more than 80 countries and employing over 2 500 people in 10 countries.

Sioen Apparel is one of the three divisions of Sioen Industries. Apart from Sioen Apparel, there are two other divisions: Sioen Coating, world leader in coated technical textiles and Sioen Chemicals, specialised in fine chemicals.